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Slang Words

What is Slang?

Slang is casual expression and words. They replace the real word or sentence totally a new one.

Slang is popular specially among young generations.

Slang words for money

  • cash
  • notes
  • readies
  • smackers

US dollar- buck, greenback

UK pound- Quid or Nicker

Slang phrases for Great

  • That's ace
  • That's bad
  • That's awesome
  • That's cool
  • That's excellent
  • That's wicked
  • That's radical

These days popular slang phrases for Good or Great are

  • That's awesome
  • That's cool 

Most common slang words

  1. Babe- a young attractive woman              Who's that babe?
  2. barbie- BBQ
  3. Berk-A stupid or foolish person                 He's a real berk.
  4. cancer Stick- A cigarette                          Throw yo cancer stick.
  5. cheerio- Good bye
  6. Chill out- relax                                          Just chill out dude!
  7. choppers- teeth                                       Didn't you brush yo choppers?
  8. dead- Extremely                                       It's a dead good idea.
  9. Diamond- Wonderful or great
  10. Dish-  A good looking and attractive man Who's that dish?
  11. Emo- A sh, emotional young person
  12. Fancy - to be attracted to someone
  13. Fuddy- Duddy- an Old fussy person
  14. Gay - unfashionable or useless
  15. Get a life- Do something useful
  16. Oops- An exclamation used when a small
    mistake is made
  17. Don’t mess with me! - Leave me alone
  18. scoop -  gossip, recent news
  19. dorm - dormitory
  20. dude - a fashionable man
  21. drop in -  to visit unexpectedly
  22. big deal - important event; may be used
    sarcastically to refer to something that
    is not important
  23. couch potato - a lazy person who spends a large amount of
    time (perhaps on a couch) watching
  24. cram - To study frantically the night before a test
  25. born again -  to hold strong, fundamentalist,
    Christian belief
  26. Go down - (Happen)                    What's going down?
  27. Goof- (fool)                                 I'm really goof at this time.
  28. Groovy- (pleasant )                     This music is groovy.
  29. Grub- (food)                               Where is the best place to get some grub around here?
  30. Grubby- (unclean  and untidy)   Those clothes are too grubby to wear to the party.
  31. Gut -(stomach)                           He got shot in the gut.
  32. Gut- (basic)                                It's a gut issue.
  33. Guts - (courage)                         It takes a lot guts to get her back.
  34. Have good vibes - (feel good about)  I have good vibes about  my new students.
  35. Hooker - (Prostitute)                   There are many hookers in the town.
  36.  Hustle - (hurry up)                      If you don't hustle,we will be late again.
  37. Hungry- (eager to make money) If you are not hungry, you won't be successful in this business.
  38. In - (fashionable)                        The t-shirt you are wearing is really in.
  39. Hyper - (over excited)                 Don't get hyper about what she told you.
  40. Jam- (trouble)                             I am glad she got herself out of that jam.
  41. Jerk someone around - (Waste someone time and cause him/her trouble)                                                                                  Don't jerk me around!
  42. Mega -    (large)                          I have mega amounts of mangoes in my garden.
  43. Nut - (a crazy person)                 He is a real nut.
  44. Party animal (love parties)          He is a really party animal.
  45. Pro- (professional)                     She is a pro at her work.
  46. Psycho- (mentally ill)                  She is a psycho. She should be in a hospital.
  47. Push off- (leave)                         I'm going to push off now.
  48. Sack- (bed)                                 I have to hit the rack by ten or I'll be tired in the morning.
  49. rack out- (sleep)                         I'm going to rack out for an hour.
  50. Red hot - (important)                  your idea is really red hot.