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Welcome (සාදරයෙන් පිළිගනිමි)

English has become an international language so every one of our country and other countries needs English to communicate with others who speak English. English is the third most spoken language around the world by population. 

So, I am here to assist you to brush up your English knowledge. English is always changed. Many words are come to English while some other words are faded away from English. Nearly 80% of English words have borrowed from other languages specially Latin and Greek. Many Prefixes and suffixes are from Latin and Greek. We need the knowledge of them to understand unfamiliar words. I hope to cover up many fascinating parts of English. 

You will be able to grab some sentence patterns,new words,Slang words,presentations and many more. Please use Skype Icon to talk with me. You will be able to see Green Icon when I am on-line.

Do not hesitate to contact me and leave your valuable comments. Because your comments are very important me to develop this site further. At the moment, I use a free website provider to make this website. Therefore, when you are in my site, Some pop up ads can be seen on your page. I kindly ask you not to click on those without proper understanding on them.

.Do not forget to register to get many things and contact with your old buds.

Everyone is welcome to  comment.

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